Goodwords is the fastest and easiest way for HR pros to
get independent and smart candidate references

Gain improved candidate insights over traditional reference calls

Intuitive comparison of candidates

Overall Job Fit - A social CV

Expected Job Performance

Required Skills

Observed Strengths

Salary Expectation & Experience Match

Motivation & Talent Development

Likeliness to Re-Hire / Re-Work

Personal feedback on own questions

Relationship & Response Times

How to get references?

Select the right job profile

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Optionaly Customize your Reference Request

Adapt Job Tasks & Required Skills. Create Custom Questions.

Optionaly Customize your Reference Request

Get Feedback on your candidates’ skills and strengths.

Optionaly Customize your Reference Request

See how well your candidates will perform on tasks.

Select References by Amount, Type or Name

and invite your Candidates into the reference process

Add your candidates

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Receive Independent References for your candidates

with meaningful insights to make smart hiring decisions

Get Goodwords References on your future colleagues.

A Social Feedback to hire the right candidates for the right job.

What insights you get

Summary of all candidates’ references, Expected Performance, Required Skills, Observed Strengths, Salary Expectation and Experience Match and Forecasted Talent Development …

… Likeliness to Re-Hire/Re-Work
Answers to your own Questions
Reference Provider/Candidate Relationship

Get References. Predict Job-Fit.

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